creative strategies for social profit innovation

Passion for your mission you have. 

Enough resources to accomplish your mission? 

That may be another story.

As a former executive director of a small, start-up organization that quickly grew to a $1.2 million agency, I have a deep respect for those that labor in the nonprofit sector. Every day, I see small to mid-sized organizations’ staff and volunteers demonstrate incredible passion for their mission, only to be overwhelmed with the magnitude of work ahead of them and the day-to-day challenges they face.

I formed Synergy Partners Consulting to help executives, board members and volunteers synergize to develop stronger, more effective organizations to accomplish their missions and make our world a better place.

Synergy Partners Consulting works with nonprofit organizations and socially responsible small businesses by focusing on start-up and business planning, organizational assessment and strategic planning, board governance and training and facilitation. I became a BoardSource Certified Governance Trainer to provide even more expertise and best practices to strengthen nonprofit boards, the backbone of our nonprofit organizations.

Stephanie Small,

Chief Synergist